No. ISBN : 9786021667569
Penulis : Nazalea Kusuma
Penerbit : Bypass
Tanggal terbit : Januari – 2018
Jumlah Halaman : –
Berat Buku : 150 gr
Kategori : Puisi
Sampul : Soft cover
Harga : 50.000

read my stuff, I said.

come take a peek
at the working of my mind
at peace and chaos.

have a taste of desperation
and love and wild heart
seeking ground and taking flight.

here, watch me bleed out my
lifeline on papers and touch my soul
with a bit ol yours.

blow a kiss to my existence
for these are my fingerprints
on the world and take my heart
in your hands,
for your entertainment.

– what I didn’t say.